Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gift Baskets

We took our first "big" trip, without any kids, back in March. We met some friends in Jamaica, and celebrated our 10 year anniversary a couple months early. This was the first time we have ever splurged on a vacation, and the only time we have went anywhere tropical since our honeymoon. Did I mention, we were childless?? We spent 7 wonderful days in Jamaica having a great time!

My in-laws came to watch the kids (and dogs) while we were gone. It was so nice to know that the kids would enjoy our time away by spending it with their Nana & Pa. Thankfully, they do get to see them occasionally, so there was no anxiety about who was coming to watch them. (Had there been, we wouldn't have gone!) I threw together a couple gift baskets and left them on their bed right before we walked out the door. (If we offered them something in advance, they wouldn't take it.) We also got them a gift card to a fancy steakhouse so they could go out on a really nice dinner date once they got back home.

Here's what I threw together for relatively cheap...probably under $20 for both. I had most of the items in my stockpile from previous shopping trips. I bought the utensil caddy at Hobby Lobby using a 50% off coupon and stuffed the bottom with shredded paper. I used kabob sticks glued/taped on the back of the bigger items and stuck them down in the paper.

Stress Relief Basket
Date Night In Basket


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