Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Buy" Price List

One of the keys to a successful shopping trip is knowing when you are getting a good deal. In order to do that, you need to know what the regular price of a product is. You're a step ahead if you can also keep track of the usual sale price for that item! (Don't worry...after couponing for a few weeks, you'll know!)

Below is a list of items we usually purchase and my "buy" prices for them. Now some of them might be the best sale price I know of (ie. 93% ground beef @ 1.99lb), or it might be the lowest price I can get after using a coupon. If I use a coupon, and it works out to be lower than my expected "buy" price, that's an added bonus! Regardless, if I can get it at that price--and I need it--it's in my cart. Your prices may vary slightly, depending on your needs, your location, and where you shop. 
Apples .88lb
Bananas .39lb
Blueberries .99 pint
Cantaloupe $1.49 or less
Oranges .69lb
Raspberries .99 pint
Bell Pepper .33each
Red Pepper $1 or less
1lb Carrots (whole or mini) $1 or less
Cauliflower .99ea
Lettuce (head) .99
Squash/Zucchini .88lb
Bread .99
BBQ sauce/ketchup/mustard .99
Canned Veggies .50
Canned Fruits $1 or less
Soup .50
Tuna (can) .50 or less
Pasta Sauce $1 or less
Juice/Capri Sun .99
Pop Tarts 8ct $1 or less
Granola Bars $1 or less
Quaker Oatmeal $1 or less
Cereal $1 or less
93% Lean Ground Beef $1.99lb (lowest this goes)
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.49-$1.99lb
Whole chicken .88lb or less
Chicken quarters (or drums/thighs) .59lb
Beef Brisket .99lb
T-bones/Ribeye/NYStrip Steaks 3.97lb
Pork Chops $1.49lb
Jimmy Dean Sausage $1.99 or less
Gorton’s Fish Sticks $2.49 or less
Frozen Pizza (Digiorno/Freschetta) $2.99
Frozen Vegetables (bagged) $1 or less
Frozen TV Dinners $1 or less
Pop J $2.50 or less for a 12pack
Tortilla chips $1 or less (Kroger brand is always $1)
Crackers $1 or less
Cookies $1 or less
Cheese (shredded or sliced) $1
Sour Cream 16oz tub $1 (Kroger brand goes on sale often for $1)
Cottage Cheese 16oz tub $1 (Kroger brand goes on sale often for $1)
Crescent Rolls/Biscuits $1 or less


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