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Do you do a lot of online shopping?
Want to "get paid" to shop?
Then is for you! is a FREE shopping portal that saves you money when you shop through them first. Let me explain...

Say you want to buy a shirt from Old Navy online. You would first go to, search for Old Navy, then select the coupon/discount you want to use. Once you click on that coupon/discount link, it will take you to Old Navy's website, where you make your purchase and check out as usual.

Now today, for example, has an Old Navy coupon/discount for 8% cash back. So, say the shirt you were going to purchase from Old Navy was $10. You go to first, search for Old Navy, click on the coupon/discount that says 8% cash back. It will take you to Old Navy's website, add the shirt to your cart and check out as usual. You will get 8% of your purchase cash back--into your account.

Once your account balance reaches $20, you will get a check! How easy is that?! If you are going to shop online anyway, you might as well be getting paid to do it, right? : )

You can go through for any kind of shopping. I've used it for retail purchases, to buy my Entertainment Book last year, and even for purchases! The coupons/discounts vary by store, but you can usually get free shipping or cash back on all your purchases. (They even have the best cash back on the web--110% guaranteed!)

And there's more good news...
If you don't have an account yet, sign up HERE. If you make a qualified purchase within 60 days, you'll get a bonus $5 in your account just for being a new member!


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