Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14 Walmart Shopping Trip FREE

JMS Velour Pants $1 (on clearance)
Used $5 from May '11 All You
= + $4 moneymaker

Dial Body Wash .99
(price matched Walgreens)
Used $2 from RP 6/12
= +$1.01 moneymaker

Schick Hydro Razor 4.00
(price matched Walgreens)
Used $4 from SS 6/12

Oscar Mayer Sandwich Combo 3.00

(2) Lipton Iced Tea 1.48 each
Used (2) Free coupon

Peter Pan Peanut Butter 1.88
Used .50 printable (use code 23385389)
= $1.38

(2) Instant Jello Pudding .59 each
(price matched Walgreens)
Used .55/2 tearpad
= .63

(2) Kotex Liner .94 each
Used $1.50/2 printable (?gone now)
= .38

Pull Ups Wipes 1.64
Used $1 mailer
= .64

(2) Snuggle Dryer Sheets 1.87 each
Used (2) $1 printable
= 1.74

tax ~ .22

I made a trip to Walmart because I needed to get a few birthday supplies and a couple other random items. The items here are the coupon match-ups I did. I planned on doing an Air Wick deal, which would have been a $8 moneymaker (to pay for my birthday supplies!), but it didn't go as planned. : ( I was told they don't price match the Register Rewards part of the [Walgreens] advertised price. (Although, they did it on the Schick razor!) I tried to explain they weren't price-matching the "lowest advertised price" then, just the regular price, and was given the excuse that Walmart doesn't have a rewards program so they can't price match it. Going to give it a try another day though (it really just depends on who you get). Have to get my money back on a couple items, so I'll be going there anyway.

Refund Item #1 - I price matched the Schick razor, and I just noticed she didn't take off my $4 coupon. Wouldn't be a big deal, but $4 is WAY too stinkin' much to pay for a razor! And, I don't need to pay for a $4 razor when I already have a bucket full of them that I got for FREE!

Refund Item #2 - (not pictured) I bought Kade some water shoes for $5. Or so I thought. They rang up $8. : ( He "needs" them anyway, but if they are still marked $5 when I go back, I'll be getting my change!

Oh, and since I bought some other things in addition to this stuff, it was hard to figure out what the tax was and what I actually ended up paying. Without tax, I would have made +.24! So, I figure it was close enough to FREE. : )


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