Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5/4 Walmart Shopping Trip $4.17

(2) Ivory Bar Soap 3pk .97 each
Used (2) $1 from P&G 5/1
= +.06 moneymaker

Gain Dish Soap .97
Used $1 from P&G coupon book
= +.03 moneymaker

(3) Gillette Proglide Fusion Razor .89 each
(price matched Walgreens)
Used (2) $4 from P&G 5/1
Used (1) $5 P&G mailer coupon
= +10.33 moneymaker!

(2) Bic Soleil Razor .99 each
(price matched CVS)
Used (2) $3 from SS 5/1
= +4.02 moneymaker!

(3) Noxema 4pk Razor .99 each
(price matched Walgreens)
Used (3) $2 from ?
= +3.03 moneymaker!

(2) Pantene Shampoo 2/2.97
(price matched CVS)
Used $3/2 from P&G 5/1
= +.03 moneymaker

(2) Pantene Detangler 2/2.97
(price matched from CVS)
Used $3/2 from P&G 5/1
= +.03 moneymaker

Tampax Pearl 3.99 each
(price matched CVS)
Used (2) $2 from P&G 5/1
= 3.98

(2) Tide Stain Release 10ct 3.97
Used (2) $3 from P&G 5/1
= 1.98

(2) Charmin Basic TP 3.74 each
(price matched CVS)
Used (2) .25 from P&G 5/1
= 6.98

Vlasic Relish .98
= .43

(2) Slowcocker Liners 4ct 1.87 each
Used (2) $1 from SS 1/30
= 1.74

Kraft Homestyle Mac n Chz 2.00
Used $1 from SS 4/17
= 1.00

GV Flour 1.48

Pioneer Cornmeal 2.12

Garlic .74

Canning Salt 1.12

tax .19
= $4.17

First of all, I would like to credit my friend Janae for the price-matching list she shared the other day. I am used to "stacking" coupons at the grocery store to get my deals. Janae price-matches competitor ads at Walmart to get hers. I think she is on to the new wave of couponing!

Now let me remind you, I hate Walmart. I despise it actually. My hate stems from way back, even before I started couponing. The crowded aisles, dirty stores (& people!), product always out of stock, and never leaving under 100 bucks just drove me insane! I came across couponing last year, and thankfully I rid myself of having to shop there. However, I have found a "clean" store that actually has products in stock, and isn't that busy at all...ever. The only reason I haven't shopped there is because it is a few cents higher than other Walmart stores. (To a couponer, a few cents is a lot!) And I've always managed to get better deals at the grocery store by stacking my coupons.

Recently, some of my local grocery stores changed their policies and are no longer allowing you to stack coupons. This of course is going to eliminate many of the deals I would have gotten before. And, Walmart revised their coupon policy in March allowing you to get the overage of your coupons! If you are like me, you might want to reconsider shopping at Walmart. If price-matching is the way to go to save me more money, then by golly I just might have to do it! This trip certaining renewed my faith that it is possible.

Disclaimer.... Each Walmart store is different. Before you head out on a trip to grab some of these deals, please know that you may or may not walk out with all of the above. The prices that were price-matched were the final CVS/Walgreens prices after the extracare bucks/register reward deals were deducted (as printed on their ad). Some stores will only price-match the regular price printed before the extracare buck/rewards deal is taken off. To each their own I guess... and the price-matching policy doesn't really clarify either. If your store does this, or if you decide to give it a try...Good Luck! And be sure to let us all know how it goes --leave a comment! You have until Saturday. ; )

View the Walmart Ad Match Guarantee HERE
View the Walmart Coupon Policy HERE


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