Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/10 Kroger Shopping Trip $43.80

(2) Mom's Cereal .99 each
Used (2) .75 printable
= .48 for two

Ozarka Water 3L .50

Reach Access Flosser 1.49
Used .50 from SS 1/9
= .49

(4) Ronzoni Pasta .49 each
Used (2) $1/2 printable

(2) Boulder Chips .99 each
Used $1/2 printable
= .98 for two

(4) WW Smart Ones 1.68 each
(6) WW Smart Ones 1.25 each
Used $4/10 printable
= 10.22
----------Non-Mega Event Items---------------
Melba Toast 2.09

(2) Kraft Cheese 3.79 BOGO Free
Used FREE coupon from Kraft First Taste
Used $1 MFQ from Kraft First Taste
= +$1 moneymaker

(2) Maries Dressing 3.99 BOGO Free
Used $1 printable
= 2.99 for two

Mahatma Rice .84
Used .50 from RP 5/1

Comet Cleaner 1.09
Used .35 MFQ from ?
= .09

(2) Plackers Flosser 2.99 BOGO Free
= 2.99

(2) Kroger Salad Dressing Mix 2/$1

Kroger Whip Cream 1.29

Canteloupe 1.69

2.30lb Bananas 1.13

2lb Strawberries 2.88

(2) Avacado 1.10

Asparagus 2.48

2.17lb Braeburn Apples 4.32

Porks Chops 8.44

Kroger Chicken 5.81

tax -.08
gift card from last week -$5
= $43.80

*Sigh*...More stuff I really didn't need. We have plenty of cereal, but I couldn't pass up .24 a box. I was planning to get some free Reach toothbrushes as part of the Mega Event deal, but at my store they weren't marked as a participating item, and there weren't any left. So I got the access flosser instead, not realizing I actually paid .49 for it. Oops...wouldn't have bought it if I had known that. Somebody will get it for Christmas. And I don't know what I was thinking about the Smart Ones coupon. Originally I had it in my mind it was a $4/4 coupon. Don't ask why. So, since my toothbrush plan fell through, I had to shuffle my items a little and used the Smart Ones to fill in the missing participating items that I needed to get groups of 10.

I had a bunch of random items I needed this trip, which explains the rest of my cart. Marie's dressing only let me print one coupon this time. I was hoping to get it for a better deal, (you can definately get dressing for under $1!) but sometimes you just gotta give...

And if you are planning to rush to Kroger to get in on the Mega Event deals, you can relax. They usually run the Mega Event ads two weeks back to back...which means you'll have through the 17th to get your stuff!


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