Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/13 Walmart Shopping Trip ~$12.74

Let me tell a story...
My kids went to "school" today. I had the morning to myself to get some pricing/organization done for our garage sale this weekend. My husband took off work at noon. We had dentist appointments this afternoon. Let's just say we were past due. Instead of walking out with a routine cleaning/x-rays, we left with an estimate of about $3,000 on a piece of paper (Plan to get second opinion!) and no cleaning what-so-ever. : (

Since our appointment ended early, we threw a fit over it's nonproductivity, and headed to Best Buy to kill some time. My V-dubya is in need of a radio (or steer-e-o as my hubby says) and thought we would check out what kind of deals they had. Found the one I wanted... and nope they didn't have it. : (

So, then we decided to head over to Walmart. (Remember, the kids are still at school. Why not take advantage of it?!) I remembered I had candy coupons, and had read about a Toy Story Operation deal on a blog. Why not check it out? Here's what we got...

Transaction #1
Toy Story Operation 5.00
Used $3 printable
= 2.00

Candy Land 2.50
Used $2 from SS 4/3
(might also be a printable on
= .50

(4) Gain Dish Soap .97 each
Used (4) $1 MFQ from 2011 P&G Book
= +.12

(2) M&M Eggs 1.00 each
Used $1/2 printable
= 1.00

tax ?
= ~$3.50 (I lost the receipt)

The Candy Land was a surprise find. It was marked $2.50, but rang up $5. I told the cashier and he manually changed it to $2.50 without hesitation. : )

But, he ended up charging us for an extra dish detergent, which we got refunded at customer service. : (

By this time, I was starving since I hadn't yet eaten lunch. We swung by Sonic for a snack. Then we headed to pick up the boys and meet the babysitter at home before we headed off for our massages! : )

A while back I had purchased a couple of massages from a LivingSocial deal (daily deal site). It was in Carrollton, which is a little drive for us, but too good of a deal to pass up. On the way there we joked about how it was probably a scam, or that it would be in the ghetto...  (I'll leave out the other details that I would like to share but won't because some might be offended). : )

Anyhow, we arrive 15min early and go to check in for our appointment. The woman who comes to the desk did not greet us with a smile, to say the least. I told her we had an appointment for 530pm. She said, "No, it was at 4." Um... no, our appointment is at 530pm. "No, it was at 4pm." Look... I have it written down just as the person I spoke to on the phone told me TWICE.... 

You see where this is going? Nowhere! : (

Now, I don't normally blow my top, or loose my lid or whatever you want to call it, but I almost did. My husband then stepped in and again, got nowhere. They couldn't squeeze us in because they were already booked. The manager wasn't there to talk to, nor is there a specific day or time to call him. He comes and goes as he pleases apparently. And she can't give us our money back, we will need to "Call the # on the sheet." : (

Irritated beyond belief, we left... with a nasty old-*$#*-lady perfume smell on my tongue. And I called LivingSocial from the parking lot. We will be getting our money back in 3-5 days and I will never, ever, evereverever recommend Massage 49 to anyone! : (

Now, we head to Best Buy (again...different store) because AGAIN we have time to kill before our dinner/movie. They didn't have the radio in-stock that I had found at the other store. But, I found a different one I liked! Too bad they didn't have it. : ( 

So, off to Walmart we go (AGAIN... different store). When we picked up the boys earlier and dropped them at home, I printed another Operation coupon. I wasn't sure if my store would actually have the right pricing so I only printed one the first time around. Since it was a good deal, I figured I'd better print another one while they were still available and get another one for my gift tub/stash.

Here's what we got...

Transaction #2
Toy Story Operation 5.00
Used $3 printable
= 2.00

Peter Rabbit Bunny 3.00

(2) M&M Eggs 1.00 each
Used $1/2 printable
= 1.00

(2) Chocolate Peeps 1.78 each
Used $1/2 printable (gone now)
= 2.56

tax .68
= $9.24

I also found rebate tearpads right by the games, which are good for a FREE Tombstone pizza when you buy any Hasbro game. And the limit is 5 rebates per household, up to $7.01 value! I'm thinking Tombstone pizzas probably run around $3-4 at most stores, so that's like getting the games for FREE! : )

And, to end my story on a good note... we made it to our dinner/movie and the food was actually served and the movie was actually played! We saw "Source Code," which was not my pick, but much better than I had anticipated. And, I got to enjoy some rare alone time with my man, so all-in-all an okay movie date. : )


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