Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3/8 Tom Thumb Shopping Trip $48

Tranasaction #1
(4) BC Fruit Snacks .99 each
-.50 e-coupon
-.50 e-coupon
Used .50/2 printable
Used .50/2 printable -did not double :(
(5) Starkist Tuna Pouch 1.00 each
Used .75/2
Used 1.50/3
(3) OreIda Sweet Pot Fries 3.00 each *
Used (3) $1 MFQ
(3) Eggo Waffles 2.00 each
Used $2/3 MFQ
California Pizza Kitchen single 2.50
-.50 Cellfire cash coupon
-$5/$15 frozen foods store coupon
-$2 MFQ? mystery coupon
tax -.33
= $8.88
Saved 77% and got $4.75 in catalinas back!

*I just noticed the OreIda rang up $3 each, and they should have been $2.49. Wish I would've caught that when I was there. I'll be going to get my $ back. (FYI-Tom Thumb & Kroger both have a right price guarantee. If the item rings up wrong, you will get the full price back. If you buy more than one item, and they all ring up wrong, you will get the full price back for the first item and the corrected difference for the rest of the items. You must have completed the transaction & paid for it. Just take your receipt to customer service for your refund.You are better off paying the wrong price if you are going to get it free!)

And I'm not sure what the $2 coupon was for (it says 2@$1).

Update: We were headed to Lowe's tonight, so I stopped at my refund, +$4.02 ($3 for the first OreIda, and .49 each for the other two + tax I guess).

Transaction #2
Coke 12pk 5.99*
(2) Snack Artist Chips 1.99 each
(4) Safeway Green Beans .50 each
(4) Progresso Soup 4/$5
-.50 e-coupon
-.50 e-coupon
Used $1/4 printable
Kikkoman Soy Sauce 1.99
-1.00 e-coupon
Used $1 printable
(2) Ranch Beans 1.55 each *
(2) Better Oats Oatmeal BOGO sale 1.79 each
Used BOGO printable
(2) Eggs 18ct 1.99 each
Used .55 off eggs wyb kikkoman RP 1/23
Dannon Yogurt 1.77 w/in-ad coupon
Used $1 SS 2/27
(2) Jello Temptations 2.99 each*
-1.00 e-coupon
Used (2) $1 printable
(2) Lysol Toilet Cleaner 1.49 w/in-ad coupon
Used $1/2 MFQ
1.65lb Ground Beef 2.96
4.02lb Ground Beef 12.02
1.88lb Bananas .92
(3) Sugar Snap Peas 1.49 each
-2.00 catalina from transaction #1
-1.25 catalina from transaction #1
-1.50 catalina from transaction #1
tax .06
= $44.90
Saved 48% and got $1 catalina back

I should know better than to expect a simple transaction at Tom Thumb these days. I had the boys, checked out, loaded the truck, buckled them in and then looked at my receipt. Ugh...

I bought 4 Coke 12packs--they were Buy2 Get2 Free + 2 Free Chips. "Suzy" said she only needed one of the 12packs...and then only rang up one 12 pack... so my chips didn't come off as free. I could have left and been $2.01 richer, but my conscience wouldn't let me do it.

I also bought 2 ranch beans that were marked 1.25 for quick sale (expire Jan 2013)...and they rang up the regular price of $1.55 each. (See right price guarantee above)

And I grabbed the wrong Jello Temptations. I got the 6 packs which were $2.99, and I meant to get the 3 packs for $1.99. It was the last item I grabbed and the boys were done by that point. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

SO... I dragged the boys back inside and explained my problems, all the while trying to wrangle Kade from the ceiling. She refunded my stuff and it was $7 something, and then I had to re-ring up the right Jello and pay for my Coke which was $6 something after tax...and I ended up getting $1 and some change back. Still not sure if it was right (she didn't give me a receipt) or worth it all for a clean conscience! ; )
In the end I paid about $48 for both transactions (48 items including ground beef) after all mishaps and cash back.


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