Monday, February 7, 2011

2/7 Kroger Shopping Trip $20.86

Another crummy pic... Sorry! Getting a new table tomorrow (yippie!) so my old one is in the garage!

(2) Red Baron Pizza 3.28 each
Used (2) $1 printable (gone now I think)
(3) New York Texas Toast 2.49 each
Used (2) .50 printable
Used (1) .50 SS 11/14
Ranch Style Beans .80
(8) Del Monte Canned Veg .26 each
(2) Frenchs Mustard Bonus Pack 1.79 each*
Used (2) .50 printable
(2) Frenchs Honey Dijon 1.99 each
Used (2) .50 printable
(3) Hormel Chili 1.34 each
Used $1.50/3 ALL YOU Feb '11
(2) Dixie Plates 1.99 each
Used (2) $1 MFQ
Franks Hot Sauce 5oz .99
Used .50 printable (or use SS 1/23)
Kraft 2% Singles .99
Used .75 MFQ
(2) Hebrew Franks 2.99 each
Used $2 MFQ
(2) Bar S Franks 1.39 each
Used $1/2 RP 1/30
(2) Kroger Mini Carrots $1 each
Canteloupe $1
(2) Gardetto Snacks 1.99 each
Used (2) .50 printable
(2) .50 e-coupons came off
(2) Chex Mix 1.99 each
Used (2) $1 MFQ
Sara Lee Bread 1.88
(8) Reach Toothbrush $1 each
Used (4) $2 printable (gone now)
-$20 for Mega Event
tax -.74
= $20.86

*I knew the French's mustard was part of the Mega Event, and I remembered that they had bonus packs by the frozen food section when I was there last. So, I figured why not get those?! Of course, they didn't ring up as part of the Mega Event, so my total ended up being $25.86.

The bonus pack is the same size as the one in the Mega Event, but for some reason it is .10 less than the single one. (Weird!) Customer service ended up returning it, re-ringing it up as the single ones, and gave me my $5 Mega Event money. (I bought 40 participating items, but since the 2 mustard didn't count, I didn't get one of my $5 deductions for buying 10 participating items).

When I asked if I should be getting the first one free since it rang up wrong, she (assistant-podium-hag-lady now working customer service) said no and that "Technically it didn't ring up wrong. It's just a different package so it has a different UPC."  (Insert your thoughts here--> ___________.) I could've argued, but I didn't.

So, my final total after getting my $5 Mega Event money ended up being $20.86. Saved 78%.

PS-My husband went to the store yesterday for some things he needed for our superbowl dinner. He bought blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese dressing, hot dogs, cocktail sauce, and lettuce. His total for 5 items was $14.46!! That's like $2.89 per item. I bought 45 items for 20 bucks. (.46 per item!) Who's the better shopper?? : )


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