Monday, January 31, 2011

1/31 Kroger Shopping Trip $25.62

Here's the short and sweet...
I bought 80 items, and used 40 coupons. I had a raincheck for the tuna from last week that I used. My total was $34.41, but my FREE excedrin ($7) coupon didn't come off. Customer service gave me $8.79 back. ($7 is the sale price, Kroger always give you the regular price.) So, my final total after cash back was $25.62! Saved 80%

Not sure if it was worth the hassle of being there though. Holy smokes...I got the last cart when I came in, the aisles were packed, dodged crabby people that just got off work, and it took FOREVER to check out. Pure exhausting. I assure you people... this is NOT the storm of the century!

BTW... if you want specifics on coupons, just leave a comment and I'll happily reply. : ) Otherwise, I'm going to assume you've already done your Kroger shopping this week.



How much were the carmex? I have coupons I haven't found good use for. and the New York Croutons? I looked and they were not priced as part of the mega deal this week. Did you know that the Reach toothbrush is $1 and part of the mega deal?


Carmex is $1. I had a bunch of .35 coupons that expired 1/31/11. They've been out of them forever, so I was glad they finally restocked. The New York Croutons were $1.79 regular price. I had a .50 printable that doubled, and a .50 Shortcuts .29 after those came off. I did not know Reach was part of the deal! I looked at just about every other thing. Go figure! :)

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