Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/16 Tom Thumb Shopping Trip $20.29

(4) Safeway Green Beans .49 each w/in-ad coupon
(2) Lays Chips $1.88 w/in-ad coupon
Welch Grape Juice $3.49*  (should have been $1.99)
Used $1 MFQ
Welch White Grape Peach $2.99* (should have been $1.99)
Used $1 MFQ
Kool Aid Jammers 2.00*  (should have been $1)
Capri Sun 2.29*  (should have been $1.29)
(4) Campbells Tomato Soup .50 each
Used $1/4 printable
(2) Sargento Sliced Cheese $1.99 each w/in-ad coupon
Used $1.25/2 MFQ (Kroger mailer)
Hot Pockets Pizzaria $1.69
Used .50/1 MFQ (?)
YoPlait Splitz $1.15 clearance
Used .50/1 GM 1/2
Colgate Toothpaste .99
Used $1 MFQ All You '11
Always Liners .99
Used .50/1 P&G 12/26
Mom to Mom Diapers $6.49
Used $3 store coupon
Safeway Bread $1.19
(2) Green Bell Peppers .50 each
tax 1.06
= $25.79
-      5.50 refund*
= $20.29

Our little Roscoe was full of dirt & burs, and in need of some shampooing after his New Year's BB encounter, so Kip & I dropped him off at the groomers and stopped at Tom Thumb on our way home. I finally felt like I had a little energy to get out, after days of spending more time in my bathroom than I care to admit. (TMI-I know.)

I didn't have much to get, and I broke the cardinal rule of knowing how many coupons I had when I checked out, but I knew something wasn't right with my total. It was $25 and I was expecting $21. Now, to some that isn't much, but to a "couponer," $4 is too much of a difference! And imagine that, it was at Tom Thumb of all places.

I glanced at my receipt and noticed my juices didn't ring up right. They are part of the Buy 4 Save $4 mix and match deal. Coincidence that my bill is $4 off? I think not. I headed to customer service and pointed out the incorrect prices...again...and the gal said I would be getting $4.50 back. As always, I asked if I was supposed to get one free since they rang up wrong, and she said, "Well...yeah...I could give you one free. But it will be the cheapest one." My thought--So give it to me! Instead, I gave her an enthusiastic "Okay," like it was her idea to do me a favor. (Grrr...) So, anyway, that changed my $4.50 refund into a $5.50 refund, making my final total $20.29.

I'm thinking I should shoot an email to and have them investigate. (Remember the news cast about Target ripping off stores? It got a lot of attention!) Almost every week I go there I end up stopping at customer service to get cash back. Does anyone else have this problem of things ringing up wrong at Tom Thumb??


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