Monday, January 10, 2011

1/10 Target Shopping Trip $20.76

Boost Kid Essentials $5.99
Used $3 MFQ +.01 overage
Lysol $2.04
Used $1 MFQ
(4) Ortega Green Chilis $1 each
Used (2) $1/2 MFQ printable
Market Pantry Bagels $1.24
Market Pantry Half&Half .83
(2) Reach Floss .97 each
Used (2) $1 MFQ printable  +.06 overage
(2) Head & Shoulders travel size .97 each
Used $2/2 MFQ  +.06 overage
Childrens Tylenol $5.49
Used FREE MFQ (took off $8!) +$2.51 overage
Crunch N Clean Cat Treats $1.49
Used $1.50 MFQ  +.01 overage
Crunch N Clean Dog Biscuits $2.49
Used $2 MFQ
(2) Good Life Cat Food .77 each
Used (2) $1 MFQ  +.46 overage
(2) Poise Liners $2.74
Used (2) $1.50 Target Store Coupon
Used (2) $1 MFQ
Maalox 65ct $3.79
Used $5 MFQ  +$1.21 overage
Eveready Batteries $1
Used $1 MFQ
(12) Weight Watchers $1.80 each
Used (2) B5G1 Free Target Store Coupon
Used $3/10 MFQ
(4) Special K Cereal $2.50 each
Used (2) BOGO Free printable
Used (2) $1/2 Target Store Coupon
Used $1/2 RP 1/2
tax .00
= $20.76

I cleaned out my stockpile tote a few weeks ago and found 2 Childrens Tylenol that were recalled--like way back last spring. I went online and filled out the form, and they sent me 2 FREE Tylenol manufacturer coupons good up to $8. Luckily, my cashier just punched away on her keyboard and gave me all my overage! I was pleased with what I paid, but after writing this out and adding everything up, I think I should have only paid $17.76. I decided to add all the products up from my receipt and then subtract all the coupons on there, and then I only got $15.76. Something obviously isn't right. Probably my calculations, since I am tired. I might take my receipt in and see what they think if I am there in the next couple days. I really don't feel like I should complain since I got all my overage!

The majority of what I paid was for the Weight Watchers Smart Ones. I usually don't buy TV dinner type meals unless they are $1 or less, but I don't have any, so I needed them! I ended up paying $15 ($1.25 each) for all 12 of them, and only $5.76 for the rest of what I bought (pictured below).


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