Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/28 Shopping Trips

Transaction #1
Tone Body Wash $3.88
Used $1 MFQ printable
tax .24
= $3.12
Got $3 ECB

Transaction #2
AC Adapter .49 on clearance
Batteries $2.99
Used $2 P&G MFQ
Charmin $4.99
Used $1 MFQ
Tone Body Wash $2.74 on clearance
Used $1 MFQ printable
2 Schick Razor 2ct $1.29 each
Used $2 off any Schick MFQ
-$3 ECB
tax .40
= $5.19
Got $1 ECB

Total OOP $13.31 and I have a $1 ECB left

For some reason I was expecting this to be a WAY better deal. : /

Sara Lee Bread $1.99
Used FREE Bread wyb 2 ICBINB Products
Market Pantry Buffalo Wings $1.99
Used $2 Market Pantry catalina coupon
(4) Market Pantry Chicken Sandwiches $1.99 each
Used (2) $3/2 Market Pantry Chicken Target Store Coupon
(2) I Can't Believe It's Not Butter $1.92 each
Used $1.50/2 MFQ printable
Used $1 Target Store Coupon
Suave Detangler $1.92
Used $1 Target Store Coupon
(2) Up&Up Liners .87 each
Used (2) .75 Target Store Coupon
Nexcare Bandaids 20ct $1.87
Used .50 Target Store Coupon
Used $1 MFQ printable
(2) Eveready Batteries $1 each
Used (2) Energizer MFQ
(2) Kraft Marshmallows .99 each
Used .50/2 Target Store Coupon
no tax
= $6.29

I felt better about this deal : )

(2) Milk $1.49 each
Ivory Soap $1
Used .25 P&G 11/28
.50 Kroger e-coupon came off
Safeguard Soap $1
Used .35 P&G 11/28
.50 Kroger e-coupon came off
(2) Coast Soap $1 each
Used (2) $1 MFQ printable
(2) Old Spice Deodorant $2.29 each
Used $1/2 P&G 11/28
$1 Kroger e-coupon came off
(2) Secret Deodorant $2.29 each
Used .50/1 P&G 11/28
Used .50/1 P&G 12/26
Old Spice Body Wash $3.50
Used FREE Body Wash wyb Deodorant P&G 12/26
Mirra Pouf $1
Used $1 Mirra Treatment Product Kroger Store Coupon
(2) Martha White Muffin Mix .99 each
Used (2) .35/1 MFQ printable
1.76lb Bananas .77
(2) Kroger Chips $1 each
Used .50/2 Kroger Store Coupon --didn't double :(
Kroger Tortilla Chips $1
-$4 P&G Promo
tax -.13
= $6.48 and got a catalina coupon for a FREE Sierra Mist 2 liter

Feeling good about this deal too. : ) I went there for milk & chips. But, I knew it was the end of the month and all the P&G coupons from Nov would be expiring, so I made a little stack of "maybe" coupons and it worked out for the better! Got all the soap unexpectedly. I needed a pouf so I was so happy to find those for a buck. (I don't even remember where I got the coupon, but I'll post a pic of it below.) My husband informed me he prefers Old Spice deodorant now (despite the 12 Right Guard he already has in the cabinet) so I just peeked to see what the price was, and they happened to be part of the P&G promo where you save $4 if you buy 4 P&G products, making them & the Secret just $1.29 each. I knew I had an Old Spice e-coupon but I wasn't sure what exactly it was for. I'm glad it came off, along with all the other e-coupons. I ended up paying .29 each for the deodorants. Anything for my hubby. ; ) My total should have been .50 less, but the Kroger chips coupon was giving the cashier trouble so she had to manually enter it, and she didn't double it. : (


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.29lb Price Matched El Rancho
(2) Head & Shoulders .97 each
Used $2/2 MFQ
(2) Reach Floss .97 each
Used (2) $1 MFQ printable (gone now I think)
= ~$7

I hate Walmart. I can never find any of the deals that are listed on the blogs--the prices are always different. So, after an hour of wandering around the store & crumpling up coupons, this is what I left with. I can't find my receipt anywhere either now, but I ended up paying about 7 bucks for the chicken.


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