Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11/9 Tom Thumb Shopping Trip

I'm not sure what happened with this transaction, so I am just going to write it how my receipt printed it out.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch $3.19
CPITEM GM Cereal -$5.69
Used .55 printable
Used .55 Shortcuts
Lays Chips $3.99
Lays Chips $3.99
Enfamil Formula -$2.00
(2) Broccoli $1.78
(2) Spinach $1.78
Dayquil $1.50
Used $1.50 MFQ from P&G
NY Strip Steaks $14.18
Chicken Drumsticks $6.96
- $3.48 (50% off coupon on chicken)
Red Grapes $1.18
Lettuce .99
tax -.20
= $25.57

So let me explain.... I had a $5 off any can of Enfamil coupon, and the 1qt premixed cans are $4.99 until Dec 19th. The cashier wouldn't let me use the coupon "because it is $5 and the formula is $4.99 and we would actually be paying you a penny."  OMG, break the bank. So I said nevermind, I'll use it elsewhere. Apparently I had a $2 electronic coupon for that somewhere since it still took $2 off.

Next, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch is $1.49 with in ad coupon. Regular price is $3.19. And it apparently took of $5.69 for the store coupon?? I have no idea what happened there. I guess they paid me $2.50 to buy it! :)

Lastly, the Lays chips are supposed to be BOGO. Mine both rang up at $3.99. I stopped by the customer service desk, which was of course closed, and the "Grocery Director" came and asked if I needed help. I explained the BOGO deal, he said it should have rang up BOGO, and then told the cashier to ring in $3.99 as a coupon to give me my money back. I thanked him and left.

Now, I could be a stickler and go back to customer service. I paid originally $7.98 when I should have only paid $3.99. With their price-right guarantee, they are supposed to give you a full refund for the first item and correct the price for the second item. In my book, I understand that as... give me $3.99 back for the first item, and correct the second one by $3.99 making it FREE. I still paid $3.99. BUT, since they paid me $2.50 to buy the cereal, and I got an extra $2 off for the Enfamil, I still came out .51 cents ahead of what I should have. So I'm not going to complain :)


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