Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11/24 Target Shopping Trip

(2) Bounce $3.38 on clearance
Used (2) $1 MFQ  P&G?
(2) Shorts (sleepwear) $4.98
(1) Shorts (sleepwear) $2.48
Used $10/3 sleepwear Target Store Coupon
Food Should Taste Good Chips $2.50
Used FREE MFQ (got in mail-Facebook maybe?)
(2) Oscar Mayer Bacon $3.49
Used $1/2 printable
Used (2) $1 Target Store Coupon
Romaine Lettuce $1.59
Used $1 off bagged salad Target Store Coupon
Market Pantry Buns $1.50
Used $1 off bakery item Target Store Coupon
Lipton Ice Tea $1.99
Used $1 off any coffee or tea Target Store Coupon
Used .60 MFQ
(2) Jello .49
Used .50/2 Target Store Coupon
2.36lb Grapes $3.87 (should have been $1.63)
(2) Cool Whip $.89
Used $1/2 printable
Used .50/2 Target Store Coupon
Cuponk Game $7
Used $5 Target Store Coupon
Tag Jr. $29.99
Used $5 Tag Jr MFQ (got in mail)
Used $10 Tag Reader Target Store Coupon
Go Fish Cards $1
Puzzle $1
(2) Ritz Crackers $2.00
Used $1/2 printable
Used $1/2 Target Store Coupon
(2) Wheat Thins $2.00
Used $1/2 printable
Used $1/2 Target Store Coupon
(4) Kraft Cheese $1.80
Used (2) $1/2 printable
Used (2) $1/2 Target Store Coupon
(2) Tag Reader Book $9.99 BOGO Free
Used (2) $3 printable
tax $1.95
= $50.42

This time I went to the Highland Village store and I had trouble trying to price match produce from Aldi's & Sprout's ad. I was told that they couldn't due to "quality differences" among produce. The explaination I got was "Dole bananas have to be Dole bananas." Just to clarify, I didn't buy bananas...I was buying celery, pineapple, potatoes, & grapes. None of which had a "brand" name listed on them (in the competitors ad.) Regardless, all I kept hearing was "Dole bananas have to be Dole bananas." I finally got the teenage "manager" to agree that red grapes are red grapes only after showing her the "Target" grapes had no brand or label on them calling them anything else than... red grapes! Obviously, I didn't get the celery, pineapple, & potatoes. Instead I got the pathetic "I'm sorry...I understand...I'm sorry..." that they are told to tell unhappy customers. And the original customer service girl gave my my receipt, but not my change. Had to ask for it, and then she still ended up ringing my grapes in at the wrong price, and of course I didn't see that until I got home. : /

I did have to *gulp* dishing out 50 bucks in one trip, but I was pleased to check a couple more Christmas gifts off the list and snag some nearly free PJ shorts for me. : )



I was so mad- on black Friday I was at Target and tried to get the pj bottoms that were the door buster and they would not take my coupon- they told me it was available on-line only. after arguing with 2 people I did not win and just got frustrated so didn't buy any at all.

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